Tortuga Preserve Elementary Chorus

The Tortuga Preserve Elementary Chorus is in its inaugural year with Ms. Meredith Pozner, K-5 music teacher, as its director will be performing on stage at Lehigh Winterfest.

As an activity associated with Tortuga Preserve Elementary's STEM After School Program, students volunteer their time to learn singing techniques while broadening their musical repertoire. The TPE Chorus is please to share their love of music with the surrounding community in Lee County!

Tortuga Preserve Elementary is the newest Elementary School facility for the School District of Lee County and is located on 15.2 acres which includes a wildlife preserve for the endangered Gopher Turtle.  As a STEM school for the East Zone, our focus is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math along with a strong foundation in Reading.  All students use cooperative learning along with “Quality practices”, such as data notebooks, to enhance their educational experience.  Tortuga Preserve Elementary is also equipped with the latest technology including Smart boards, response systems, and surround sound with a voice enhancement system for the teacher, and four mobile labs just to mention a few.  Teachers/Staff will work together in Professional Learning Communities to build instruction centered on the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and Common Core grounded in a positive behavior support system (PBS).

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